My book" Living amongst Wolfdogs"

Born in 1959 in Antwerp, Belgium, I obtained my first Saarloos Wolfdog in 1986 and a whole new world opened for me. In 2003 my husband Jean and I discovered the Spencer wolfdog. Through stories we encountered over the years in raising seven wolfdogs, I want to give an insight into the character of these dogs and their special needs. Too many wolfdogs end up in shelters because the owners didn't get enough information about how to bring these animals up. Therefore this book is mainly dedicated to prospective wolfdog owners and those who have trouble in understanding their animal. But surely, every doglover will enjoy the adventures of our wolfdogs.

The book “Living amongst wolfdogs” is in A4 format and has 191 pictures included. The book is also available in a Dutch version “Leven met wolfhonden” French " Vivre parmi les chien-loups" and German " Mein leben mit wolfhunden"

You can order the book here: Living amongst Wolfdogs

A little previeuw

My first lessons

I had to wait four more weeks until I could collect my puppy. Boy, it felt like an eternity! But at last, the day arrived when I could hold my own wolfdog puppy in my arms. Her name was Karina Nouchka Zwart of Helmond, in short, Nouchka. She was an eight weeks old small brown female, with bright blue eyes at that time. She was so cute. I really was prepared for everything (I thought). My friends took me in their car so that I could hold Nouchka in my arms. Lesson number one, almost every wolfdog puppy gets sick in the car, as I found out after a few minutes. It was a long smelly ride back home, with spew, drool and poop all over me.